What's the lowest real estate agent fee you've paid on a property sale?

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  1. Please state:

    1. all-inclusive commission as a % of sale price
    2. country/location
    3. whether the local laws require some kind of license or qualification for being a real estate agent
  2. Anyone?

    I was hoping to see some excellent answer.
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    Curious as well. I'm getting ready to put my house up.
  4. I'm going to answer thsi two ways. First, the lowest I listed for was 3% (for the buyer's agent) plus $150-$250 for the listing agent. I listed with a guy whose deal was he'd put it in the multiple listing for $150-$250, but make no attempt to sell himself. When the buyer's agent brought a buyer, I would owe that 3%. I listed, it didn't sell. This was in Orange County, California.

    I also listed once for 4%. 1% to the listing agent, 3% to the buyer's agent. This one sold, Orange County, California.

    Over the years I've come to the conclusion you're better off hiring an agent who works the area the property is listed in...and paying him his price. The best agents won't work for peanuts.

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    There are some realtors that will work for an hourly rate and take no commission. They might be a good option if you expect your house to sell quickly or have a particularly expensive piece of real estate to sell.
  6. You can place your property in MLS without an agent. Check the google for different companies that does this. Las time I checked I have seen as cheap as $399 for this service.
  7. One thing that always gets me is when I walk by a house that is listed by full service broker and they are out of fliers for days? Metro brokers is 3% I believe here in Denver, not sure. Ironically here you want the best, and well paid buyers agent, because you don't pay, but as a seller 6% don't think so.
  8. http://www.homekeys.com/

    in florida these guys were great...listed my place on mls for i think 150 bux if i remember correctly
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    Don't use a real estate "agent". Sell it yourself.
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    Unless something has changed you can post your listing on craigslist for free. There are also sites like fsbo.com (for sale by owner) that cater to folks not wanting to use a realtor. I noticed on that site they have a section for Flat Fee MLS listing.
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