What's the latest results from hybrid trading?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by richiejc, Mar 7, 2007.

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    i've been trying to play the last couple of weeks/months very lightly...due to all the robbing going on with the hybrid stocks. been doing this for years now...and it seems like things have just gotten extremely difficult. basically...putting proprietary traders at the point of extinction.

    all of this came to a climax early last week when the NYSE just broke down. it showed the importance of specialists...and day traders (bottom feeders)...in providing liquidity for the market. but i was wondering if the nyse is doing anything to improve the situation or are they going to continue down the trecherous path they're in.

    are there any tips out there...traders would be willing to share? i've tried marketing when i see support/resistence (horrible fills), or even bidding or offering at the point of support/resistence and that doesn't seem to work...going right through on great risk/reward scenarios. i've basically thrown everything you can at the market and it doesn't seem to work. any help would be greatly appreciated.

    if you'd like to contact me more privately...just drop your email.
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    i hope this plea for words of advice doesn't sound like i'm a specialist or anything. believe me...it's an honest request for some profitable traders to shed some of their expertise...if they're kind enough.

    the only reason i ask is because the frustration level is extremely high...and i've really never considered throwing in the towel until now.
  3. Trade others mkts, thats what I have done. No need to just give up, NYSE is but one exchange, there are plenty of others to learn and conquer :)
  4. Also widen your time horizon. When trading for hours instead of seconds, the micro moves are insignificant.
  5. I agree with this statement, but it depends on your trading style. If you were a very short term scalper, the hybrid probably will force you out of the business, to be honest (or at least force you to find a different style). If you're more of a directional trader, it shouldn't have much of an impact, you'll just have to adjust.
  6. richiejc


    it seems suicidal to put any stops(actual) in. and i'm usually excellent with mental stops...but i find myself pulling rookie maneuvers and rationalizing bad trades.

    however...i do find myself up in the morning...but seem to quickly piss it away. i've got to remind myself to walk away from the gambling tables with anything that it's willing to give me. pushing the profits and adding to positions don't seem to be working for me at this time.
  7. Arnie


    Are you scaling in on these longer time frames?
  8. richiejc


    actually...scalling in on very short time frames. i guess you could say i'm a very short term trader.
  9. Sometimes. Sometimes I put the position on and scale out. I'm a fan of time-based stops too.
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    That's a good point. When you say time based, do you mean specific time of day or time as in how long you are in a trade. Lately I've noticed that I am getting in/out too early and end up taking some heat or just bailing and tryng to get in at a better price. I have the right idea most times, but I'm just not patient enough in my entry it seems.
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