What's the largest % gain you've made trading Forex?

Discussion in 'Forex' started by sub0, Sep 30, 2007.

  1. sub0


    What were the details of the trade or reason for the large profit? How long were you in the position?
  2. Anyone making big gains in forex? I started to look forex as a shady game.

    Is anyone making money in forex? What are the biggest gains you've made and how long were your positions?
  3. clacy


    I am absolutely crushing it in my demo account!!

  4. Can you elaborate?

    Do you use any signal service or ...?

    Would you please explain?
  5. Do you know what people who made 500k used? Can you be clear?
  6. i've made 350,000 in 2 month with 50,000. unfortunetly it was fake money
  7. What was your edge?

    What did you use to time your buys and sells?

    How did you decide on when to buy and sell?

    What were the tools you used?

  8. Surdo


    Who the fuck cares about a DEMO account?
  9. I'd reckon high leverage and pure luck was the edge used here.
  10. They took advise from pikers on an internet forum. Should work for you too.
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