Whats the job market like for a CFA?

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  1. this isn't about "jobs in trading".. i think elitetrader.com should add a "Career Analyst" forum section

    anyways, i passed lvl1 2 years ago and haven't bothered to do lvl 2 due to lack of money, time, and i'm scared shitless about the test :p

    is it safe to say that with the CFA you are guaranteed a decent wage in financial services or corporate finance? I have a BA from a top school and an MBA from a decent school but going to interviews people still look at me like im a POS worthless dumbass with questions like "what is the difference between a stock and a bond"... or "describe private equity".. my answer is usually "F**K YOU!!", ok not really.. well

    so i have this sick perception that with the CFA designation doors will magically open and hiring managers will automatically respect you. I have this belief that with the CFA you actually have some bargaining power and bureaucratic HR bullshit disappears..

    so what are career prospects for a CFA?
  2. As long as there are old stupid people, there will be financial analysts.
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    I have a CFA. It doesn't help with your career progression or getting interviews.

    But it is increasingly becoming a prerequisite for analyst jobs. The material on the Level 3 was very interesting. Level 2 was pointless.

    Do it to enhance your learning or if someone else is paying for it (my case). Don't do it to get a (better) job.
  4. im actually interested in portfolio management and it appears the "manager" usually has a background in research not specifically trading.. the CFA would be a minimum requirement before any institution would ever hand you investor money to "trade"..

    i dont care about trading performance.. i just want to be in a position to suck the adminstration fee for as long as possible.
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    I think you should read again the "CFA Code of Ethics & Standards of Professional Conduct." :)
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    The real requirement is making enough good calls while a research analyst that they will trust you to steward their money. Then you can collect the administration fees. A CFA won't guarantee you this.
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  8. Not sure if it's cool to post other sites on here but in response to your request for a 'Career Analyst' forum, I visit EliteTrader and 'AnalystForum.com' everyday. I'm studying for level 1 atm
  9. CFA won't open doors. Not having it may close some though.
  10. True. If you can't demonstrate that you'll make money, they won't hire you to handle a large sum of money.
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