What's the impact of H2O on Mars to U.S. economy?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by NoMoreOptions, Jan 23, 2004.

  1. Which sectors or companies are most likely to profit from it?
  2. None ...
  3. Harry123


    Well it is the case that Long John Silvers will be offering free Giant Shrimp to everybody on what day I dont know. It was contigent upon the Rover finding any evidence of water on the Planet Mars. So free Shrimp for America!
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  5. WE finally have a place that we can send James Crock, I mean Stock.

  6. MRWSM


    I think Long John SIlvers was referring to a body of water and not condensation, but I'll take the shrimp if they give em.

    Everytime they push technology to it's limits, they learn something or invent something. In order to send a person to Mars they are yet to make many breakthrough's or discoveries. Helps us all. They said without space research we would be 30 years behind, so imagine what you had in 1974. LOL
  7. They've got to be able to keep their damn space probes WORKING first!!!

    NASA has become a bunch of incompetent putzes. Last report was they've decided not to fly shuttle missions through 2005 so the Hubble Telescope will become non-functional. Multiple millions (not including the cost of contact lenses because they f*cked up getting the mirror/lens system right the first time) and now they're going to effectively abandon it because they have just too many f*ck ups getting in the way??

    Why do we believe NASA's capable of setting up lunar bases and sending men to Mars at this point anyway?

    If the kid can't ride his bicycle without hitting a tree, I'm sure not giving him the keys to my Vette!!