Whats the IB of foreign bonds brokers?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Daal, Apr 9, 2007.

  1. Daal


    I'm looking for a good broker that doesn't demand too high of account minimum
  2. IB is 5k, How low are you looking???
  3. Daal


    I can put as much as 15k. IB doesnt let you trade foreign government bonds though. The brokers I found are pretty tough for small investors
  4. Daal


    Come on there must be one
  5. Surdo


    Tullet Prebon and Cantor are the biggest Institutional players in Bonds. I do not know if they deal with retail.


    el surdo
  6. dac8555


    I am offshore and deal in bonds quite a bit. Mostly EM and treasuries...but pretty much anything is a phone call away. what are you looking for?

    The thing with bonds is that they are OTC and the margins are tiny. so most of the time you need relatively large amounts to get decent pricing from the interdealer market.

    You can also participate in foreign debt through a number of ETFs. This is what i use really when i put together portfolios for people.

    When you buy individual bonds in small quantities, the cost of doing business is relatively high percentage wise so it is hard to get you moneys worth....when you use an ETF they buy in massive quanitites so it is much more effiecient.

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