What's the general strategy for people on this forum?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Cyber0066, Aug 2, 2006.

  1. sounds like you need a plan.

    a detailed one...
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  2. shoot from the hip

    throw it against the wall, see how it shakes out

    the important thing is what you do next with it
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  3. Well obviously I do more research than that. I pick them based on fundamentals and research on the company's balance sheet and income statements and check to see if they've been growing.

    Or when the market turns sour on a stock I've been keeping my eye on, I'll pick them up.
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  4. I was never good at darts :(
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  6. i'm not talking about research...

    i'm talking about a plan, where you have thought out in ADVANCE what you would do given any particular market condition at the time. this way, you won't have to worry about when "X" happens, because you have already strategized a contingency plan beforehand.

    and then execute...
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  7. ess1096


    Well, It is called Elite Trader.......not Elite Investor. :D
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  8. on a side note you could always try www.trade2win.com.

    i always use ET, but there might be something there that fits your needs. it seems to be much more comprehensive and specific, but it's very clustered, and i've never sifted through it.
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  9. "Happy trading"

    You too :) . I ordered a book off amazon about options which should help. I'm not trying to get rich quick either, but I think learning to hedge is going to save my a$$ in the long run.
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  10. Short term trading! I make a living in short term trading. Day trading is too risky for me and long term too slow. I NEVER stay in a stock during it's consolidation period. Not only would I be losing money as it's going down but I would also be losing time as well.

    -1bigsteve (o:
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