Whats the fundamentally soundest currency right now?

Discussion in 'Forex' started by Daal, Jul 22, 2006.

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    Where I can find information on fundamentals of all currencies compared?Like total debt, trade deficits,etc
  2. "Fundamentally sound" and "currency pairs" is an oxymoron.

    They don't go together.

    The rest would probably be a foot race, visiting the central banks of each nation and hammering out their numbers.

    If you find a site that tracks and compares all currencies, month to month, please let me know.
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    Nobody said anything about pairs. I'm mainly looking for budget/trade surplus/deficit, inflation figures
  4. China's - they have more labor (workers to ride the backs of...tax, etc) and assets (land, etc) to back their currency than any other country in the world. This will probably start to play out in a very short time and I see no one stopping them.
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    But what about their numbers compared to other countries

  6. My point was from, "what currency will have a strength trend that could hold for a very long time versus other currencies"

    The #'s you would have to ask someone else about - I am not sure.
  7. CAD
  8. china got a huge surplus and inflation kept at artificially low levels due to the peg and permanently low costs of labor and goods.
  9. bloomberg...
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    Canadian dollar is in good shape, balanced budgets, trade surplus, low unemployment, commodities based economy, foods, lumber, oil and gas, remember we are going through the commodity boom globally.
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