What's The Fastest News Service?

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  1. I know we can never be ahead of insiders, but being caught on the wrong side of a news story that comes out intra-day can cause some real pain--ignorance is NOT bliss when a nyse stock starts gapping down 50 cents at a time and you dont know why.

    I'm in a prop office and all of our execution and analysis is quick, except for news. Bloomberg I've heard is great, but does anyone know of a news service that costs less but is just as fast? Thanks.

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  4. I suspect that lots of times NO NEWS SERVICE has the info you need. Stories come out and get passed around to hedge funds and sharpies long before the wires get them.
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    When I was at Bright's seminar, they mentioned a couple times that you could spend $100/mo and get news when everyone else gets it, or you could spend $1000/mo and get it one minute faster, or you could spend $3000/mo and get it 5 minutes faster. I forget the exact numbers, but you get the idea. I have no idea what provider(s) they were referring to.
  6. Briefing.com is slower than CNBC so that's out.
  7. And which one did they say they paid for?

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  8. Also might want to ask which services are the most widely seen.

    I don't see that say CNBC has as much oomph as it used to.

    Might be nice if the government could sell off some of its information gathering on benign subjects like business to us. Bet the NSA or CIA are faster than Bloomberg.

  9. CNBC is faster than Briefing for the big items like CPI, jobless, etc where they have Rick Santelli standing at the CBOT essentially reading the ticker.

    What I don't like about Briefing is that the futures are showing volatility for almost a minute before I get an alert that some other key index has been released.

    Is there anything else out there that's more up-to-the second?
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