What's the fastest and SAFEST way.....

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  1. sbn


    Ladies and gentleman,

    what's the fastest and SAFEST way to make $2000 or more in one day, with $40,000 in stocks?
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    Give me the certificates and I'll give you $2,000.00.
  3. If I knew, I'd be doing it :D
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    What's a good daily stock position, SAFEST, i.e. MSFT, to $2000, with $40,000? No overnight positions.
  5. Stocks + Daytrading = SAFE??? Doubt it...

  6. buylo


    Is this guy serious?

    I come in every day and play LORD OF THE RINGS with the market. I walk out battered and bruised, sometimes missing a limb, hopingI can make $2000 a day with no overnight position.

    Do you really think if I found a way to do this EVERYDAY I would share it with anybody?
  7. sbn


    Anything will do, hey if options are your thing, put it down. T-bills, put it down. As long as it's not open an account with PenPals or Paypals, or telemarketing.

    Any exchanges NASDAQ, NYSE, AMEX. will do.

    $2000 made in one day.
    with $40,000 buying power.
  8. Take a diversified stock portfolio of $40,000 and sell deep ITM calls against it with enough time value premium as a whole to equate to $2,000 profit when assigned. Must carry overnight but pretty safe comparatively. Deeper ITM, the more downside protection.

  9. Actually some very good and satisfactory answers for this kind of questions have been replied unlimited times on ET.

    A simple version of them is - we really don't know. :)
  10. "Fast" and "safe" are not usually found in the same paragraph, let alone the same sentence.

    What you are saying is that you wish to essentially double your money every month, assuming no compounding during the course of each month. Now, imagine compounding only on a monthly basis, meaning that you adjust your trade size only once a month to reflect the increased size of your account. Take a calculator and see where that gets you.

    Feel silly yet?
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