What's the difference between technical analysis and quantitative analysis?

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    I have a vague idea but would appreciate more input.
  2. I think that should be right. :)
  3. "In the financial industry, there are three main approaches to investment: the
    fundamental approach, where strategies are based on fundamental economic
    principles, the technical analysis approach, where strategies are based on past
    prices behavior, and the mathematical approach where strategies are based on
    mathematical models and studies. The main advantage of technical analysis is
    that it avoids model specification, and thus calibration problems, misspecifi-
    cation risks, etc. On the other hand, technical analysis techniques have limited
    theoretical justifications, and therefore no one can assert that they are riskless,
    or even efficient."
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    Aren't the mathematical models based on statistics which are based on past price behavior?
  5. Which one does? :D

  6. As I understand, mathematical models allow you to find arbitrage and value derivatives fairly. They explain the pricing of securities which allows you to see if the security is undervalued or overvalued. They are also used for forecasting future prices and most models incorporate risk. Technical indicators are less complicated but can still be useful.
  7. Technical analysis is a specific kind of quantitative analysis mainly based on charts. But quantitative analysis also includes other types of analysis- correlations, regression analysis, combining fundamental analysis with technical analysis etc.
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