What's the difference between swifttrade/title and American prop firms

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  1. Hello everyone,
    I am wondering why traders having 35% payout in swifttrade/title
    dont leave to other prop firms like Genesis and get higher payout. I guess the biggest difference is commission fee; however, I heard that if I have a group of traders, I can gargain with porp firms and get low commission just like swifttrade has. Is that correct? Thank you so much for your reply!!
  2. Main difference is, that you don't have to put down any money to trade at Swift... 35% is where the payout starts but it goes up as you prove yourself.
    Also, you probably won't find anyone who can match Swift's fee structure...
  3. Do you have to put up money to cover the monthly feed at swift?
  4. No. the traders don't have to cover loses, office managers are responsible for managing each trader's risk, that includes covering loses.
  5. Going by the complaints on ET, the biggest difference is that most American prop firms have reliable software that doesn't get stuck quotes and freeze everyday like Swifttrade's awful platform.
  6. coz a lot of traders begin in swifttrade with no any trading experience before. So if they start with deposit their own money. it is high risk to lose all. But if they start with swifttrade, only thing they can lost is just time. they can learn some strategy if they join in a good branch. some strategy need more buying power such as those trading sunw, F. i don't think those 1:15 leverage can meet their requirement
  7. I applied at swift and they want $150 a month for the data feed. Is this standard?
  8. What office?
  9. Vancouver, the office is called Piannacle but powered by swift trade.
  10. hey, just to mention, they trade stocks, but i would not call them true traders . being a real trader is more than what they learn to do, but if thats what you like, than ok, i can teach a monkey to trade that style, not much knowledge needed per say. trading for 1-2 pennies & trying to get a credit, all day long, what brains does that take, thats why they pay such low payouts, low risk to them, so fire away you robot. no offense but thats how i see it anyway.
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