Whats the difference between big traders and us?

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  1. Hi guys,

    a few days ago I made a thread asking on advantages of trading at a big firm like Goldman sach or a bank like Deutsche.

    However now I realize I m not even quite sure on what the primary duties a trader has in Goldman or Deutsche.

    Please educate me on what the difference in duty, trading style, and everything else that traders at Goldman and Deutsche has compared to us prop traders....also how do they primarily make their profits? thanks
  2. Never traded with either of these firms but I can tell you trading a large account vs a small account comes with huge advantages. It's much easier to generate 250k of profit on a 1MM account vs generating 250k in profit on a 50k account.
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    When did you become a Prop Trader, between "Deserpate to find a trader job...help?".....and "big bank traders vs all"?

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    it might be easier if you describe what you prop traders really do in detail.
  5. Hard to take the OP seriously.

    What's the difference between the Hope diamond and that pinhead from the jewelry store at the mall next door?
  6. well, I m just asking about a difference in duty and trading method between big bank traders and prop traders...

    because I remember someone tell me on the forum that big bank traders dont trade TA and they profit in ways that benefit their client not really trade the market.
  7. ie. if you are like steve jobs or bill gates and have 1 billion dollars of stock to sell, you call your broker for a much much smaller commission.

    commissions is their profit.

  8. some of the biggest traders are prop traders, locals on the floor and fund managers who trade for themselves and clear through a big bank.
  9. Big Bank traders typically trade in teams and use all tools available to them such as technical, statistical, fundamental, and economic analysis. Smaller trader typically use only technical analysis. Heck, I know a guy who uses geometric analysis. It actually looks like technical analysis but it's based on geometric calculations. Pretty interesting stuff.

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    Big trader have a chance to try to make market move. I said make market move, not move the market. Kind of manipulation attempt huh!
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