"What's the difference between a trader and an investor?"

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  1. Speculating vs. Investing

    I consider myself a serious trader. I was having a discussion with a friend of mine who calls himself an 'Investor'. So I asked him,

    "What's the difference between a trader and an investor?" He replied,

    "I don't know,
    let me think about it for a while . . .”
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    A trade is when you take a small winner.
    An investment is when a trade turns into a huge loser.:)
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    Traders trade; investors invest. Traders need to take profits regularly(if there is any); investor may buy and hold a security for decades. Traders know how to earn money by shorting; Investors usually only play the long side.

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    traders are guys who trade short term and have an edge
    investors can start out by being shitty traders, like many of you on these forums, getting into a bad trade, holding it too long and taking too much risk, because dammit, they have to be right.......
    thats why we love retail pikers- amatuer hour is great.....
  5. nitro


    There is only one definition that makes sense to me:

    An investor has his money "work" for him. A trader works for his money.

    This is not trying to be cute. IMHO, this "definition" is the ESSENCE of the difference. Note that I do not quote the second work.

  6. Simple. A Trader would have given you an immediate answer. An Investor has to "think about it for a while".
  7. A trader can deduct all his losses from his profits, an investor cannot.
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