What's the difference between a government and terrorist?

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  1. You can reason with a terrorist.


    I want to have kids. What kind of world am I bringing them in to? Saddle them with trillions in debt, and in a declining nation. I am sorry to be an American these days.

    What can I, as a lone individual, do? I vote. I pay my taxes. I register for jury duty. I send letters to my representatives in government.

    Maybe I am a sheep. Crashing a plane into an IRS building sure as hell isn't the answer. All I want is a world where I can get ahead, and so can my children. Seems that is too much to ask these days.

    Am I the only one who wants a lot less government in my life?
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    If you study failed nations in history and boy there are plenty.

    It is always the same thing. Nice people become bad people. They grab power and don't let go.

    I am talking about Government BEHIND the government.

    I am talking about Federal Reserve which is neither Federal and there are no reserves. The web of false choice called political parties is nonsense.

    Only The FED and IMF, the people that print money and control the money supply. Only their opinion matters.

    And no one voted them in, They voted themselves in.
  3. Where in the world did you get that idea?
  4. One man's name is Obama, the other is Osama.

    Which one is the terrorist?you decide.
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    We know for a fact Osama was on CIA payroll and when you look at highly questionable events of 9/11.

    I would not be surprised one iota if Osama Bin Ladin is and always was on continued CIA payroll. (if he is still alive)

    After the gov is done with you, you retire by dying.
  6. A quote I'm sure by an unpatriotic american or foreign national from another country.
  7. My issue as well. Oppressed people usually speak this way, when it is actually our financial liberties that we truly take for granted. Weapons enforcing trade restrictions should collapse our enemies currencies.
  8. One man's "liberator" is another man's terrorist...
  9. You would be bringing them into a world where they are slaves. You are a slave, I am a slave, and your future children will be slaves. They will pay their tribute to the king, just like everyone else and they will be made to believe they are free. They will be made to believe that they have choices when they elect their "Kings" every few years, but no matter what King you have, you will be a slave to him. He will do his own bidding...not yours. If you are lucky, your interests may align, but remember...he will do what he wants. So you have 3 choices.

    1. Accept and make peace with it. Pay your tributes (taxes) and try to live a normal life.

    2. Run. Hide out in the mountians. Maybe start a new community if you can find enough people willing to give up their american Idol, McDonalds, and cell phones.

    3. Fly a plane into the IRS building.

    The choice is yours.
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    It's quite simple to tell the difference between a government and a terrorist.
    A government attacks its own people.
    A terrorist attacks other governments people.
    It's sad when one people is attacked by both.
    Never let a crisis pass without being taken advantage of.
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