What's the deal with the futures always drifting higher?

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  1. Everyday for the past seven trading days the futures have drifted higher, starting right on the dot at 5PM PST. It starts out at +11 for the YM, goes to +24, +36, +44, flatlines, maybe goes negative and then rallies hard
  2. Yup! I like to call it the midnight pump crew.

    Probably Bernanke and his goons hitting the bid. If you spot the trend, but it.
  3. I'm reminded of what the wizened old trader in Reminiscences of a Stock Operator said when someone asked him a question: "It's a bull market."

    I feel you though...I was short overnight and got killed on the gap open this morning, and if it happens again I will get killed again tomorrow.
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    Maybe it's just drifting with Dollar/Yen, Nikkei?
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    Shouldn't you try to profit from your observation. :confused:
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    Its not just the futures drifting higher in the after hours market, its any time the volume comes out of the market intraday as well... the market will "drift" all the way up to new all time highs.

    no volume or news is needed...
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    Well if you believe in gap plays, the markets have been trying to close the 6/19 gap for the last week. We are almost there. It seems like tomorrow will be another up day.

  8. Sounds like a BTFD play
  9. today had a historical up bias of 80% If I remember correctly Day after the 4th bombs out. Typically Tuesday sare up and pre-holiday is up although the 4th of July is punky. Having said that news trumps everything and looking at Egypt well who knows.

    The markets are fun. Clearly the market is shrugging off events and data to go higher but there is a lot of sideways action ahead so even if its up, up, down or down, up down. Or down, down, up it is bracketed for July.

    Oh yeah why are we drifting higher. Because how else do investment franchises make money?

    Seems like risk is paying the longs (for now)
  10. Don't forget there's a whole world out there ...
    5 pm PST = 9 am in Tokyo
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