whats the deal with reliability?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by spheres, Mar 30, 2008.

  1. spheres


    CME Globex trader seeks reliable connectivity, consistant millisecond fills.

    Tried them all and it seems that there are only theives between me and the market. So very tired of talking with small time con men. Online poker is the same... collusion rules and nobody says a thing. Is there a broker out there that doesnt exploit their edge over the retail trader? anybody????
  2. spheres


    alright... so my complete and total frustration is evident

    still...not one "expert" trader speaks

    should speak volumes to newbies who stumble here

    Anyone who can vouch for a Futures broker providing you with a hassle free scalping and daytrading platform to CME Globex, please, by all means ,,,post


  3. pipboy


    try any of these firms. Penson, Dorman, Calyon/Fimat (New Edge). You cannot go wrong with any of them. It really just depends on if you wish to pay for your platform. Any of these firms offer TT. Dorman has zen fire. Both great feeds. i happily trade at all three of these firms
  4. spheres


    these are new to me.....thanx....checking.........
  5. moondog


    just stay away from Infinity I learned the hard way
  6. spheres


    sry to hear

    they are middle man to transact if im not mistaken
    no platform timestamps....other stuff ..

  7. i vouch for advantage futures. no nonesense firm, very reliable.
  8. mikey228


    I'm new here but someone recommended AMP Trading. Ninja with Zenfire!
  9. spheres


    thanks alot for your replys

    im sure one of your suggestions will work out for me
  10. Kingfin2


    Spheres, I really think Ninja/Zenfire is the answer. Fast and relliable. And, I get a pretty good rate.
    #10     Apr 9, 2008