whats the deal with open tick?

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  1. i'm sure this has been touched on before, but can't find a good thread w/ search.

    whats the deal with open tick?
    is the data reliable? whats in it for them? etc.?
  2. And will they be around very long?

    And will they get data for foreign markets?
  3. andread


    I can't say anything about the reliability, although the impression is that they are not bad for real time data, even if people complain.

    But I found something for the "what's in it for them" question:


    As I'm sure you may be aware, this is a difficult industry to enter into. We are simply looking to gain a userbase and get people using our product in an effort to make our service better.

    In the next year or so we intend to be launching a number of additional services, including FIX based broker-neutral order routing. At that time, users not utilizing order routing may have to pay a nominal fee for market data service.
  4. I talked with them last year and i expressed my hope that they could always keep their market data costs very low by finding a way to make money thru some market related method...

    i still hope they do so...
  5. They're also getting pretty widespread support in various charting and system development software, so they'll definitely be in a position to compete with other feeds if they cease to offer data for free.
  6. Davdse


    That was two years ago. I still see no service they can monetise on. Who are they and what are they doing?
  7. andread


    yes, the post is old. But I'm not sure if something changed
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    Thank you Andread. I've been wondering about the "What's in it for them" question too.