What's the deal with FFastrade?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by AllenTrader, Apr 27, 2004.

  1. Their citrix based "Trainer" platform has gone down on me no less than 8 times this morning! I've been doing well taking in on average a little over 5% per day. Today was no exception as I was up 7.12% before the system crashed and a little less than half of my intraday gains were wiped out. Frustrating. I have been seriously contemplating using their services, but would like some honest feedback as to what others have experienced with their "real" TraderPro platform. Also, from what I've read on their website, a trader should be able to establish stop-losses (I've been setting mental ones). I've yet to figure out how to enter these on the "trainer"? Any help/insight?
  2. I've spoke with them about the problem, and they explain that the "trainer" is not a revenue generating platform, thus they spend no money on it..."but you can rest assured sir, our real trading platform is very robust"...I'd think they'd want to make the prospective clients want to feel pretty damn good about wiring them some money and have a stable training platform in place. 2 cents.
  3. ive been using the ffasttrade platform for over a year. i really like it plus the phone support is great. if your doing some good volumn the prices are also great. every once in a while their servers go down and have to be re booted. but imo mental stops with a electronic trading system is very dangerous. again that imo. if you can place a gtc stop, you can walk away and not worry of financial damage because of problems with your internet or your computer.
  4. I totally agree with you on the risk management...mental stops are for the birds...you should be able to place some kind of mechanical stop-loss. How have you been able to set them? Do you use the remotepro or the online?
  5. Does anyone else out there in EliteTraderland use FFastTrade? I need help with stop loss issues.
  6. Thanks! Figured it out.
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    does anyone else use ffasttrade?? You said sometimes their servers go down. When is this? In fast markets.. or does it just happen once in a while? The fact that it does go down at all is not very reassuring. I would appreciate any users posting about their experiences.

    Oh yeah.. and what are the clearing fees, if any? Thanks.
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    are any other users of Ffastrade out here that i can talk to about the reliablilty of their system. I was about to change over to them, but really concerned about the software possibly failing occasionally. Can anyone confirm that there are problems with the platform? Thanks.
  9. sorry to alarm you, problem with ffasttrade does NOT happen very ofter. last time i can remember was 6 months ago and they ABSOLUTELY are there on the phone to help with entering or exiting orders. ive never been on anybodys system that didn't go down once in a while.