What's the Deal with Cramer in the Morning?

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by archon, May 23, 2007.

  1. archon


    I tunred on MSNBC the other morning hoping to get my daily dose of news, only to see Cramer's ugly mug staring back at me.

    Am I the only one who doesn't want to hear Cramer going on about missing children or the poor state of television programming today? He should stick to his silly show full of sound effects and crazy stock picks and leave the news to other people.
  2. They were going to give that MSNBC spot to Leonard the Wonder Monkey, Cramer found it, became furious, and demanded they give it to him.
  3. Cramer is appearing in the slot Don Imus used to have on MSNBC before he got the boot.

    MSNBC has tried any number of hosts since Imus left hoping to attract viewers.

    I watched a bit of the show yesterday morning...personally, I don't think Cramer is their answer.
  4. UGH, I happened to tune in last night - the highlight for 5 minutes? Paris Hilton photographed holding a bible...and then of course some witty comments about how she can't read, etc..so predictable and unsuitable for a business news channel.
  5. You know how competitive Crames is - I call him "Crames", you know. He saw the thread "Fox Bulls and Bears Worst Show Ever", and he's out to be Number 1.

    Hey. Maybe he'll take Rosie's place on the view.

    I give him two fingers up, and I've never watched it.

    I'll betcha Kernan is some kinda pissed.:D