what's the deal with collective2?

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  1. I was looking at their "best" systems that have impressive performance charts. A few are literally 45 degree angles up and to the right with minimal drawdown.

    ANd then I look at "actual trades" and they're like this:



    (they're all negative numbers)

    How are systems where all trades lose money showing such positive returns?

    Is collective2 a huge scam?
  2. losing is part of winning and when trends change it is hard is hard to adjust. Usually any threads about C2 get the boot on here for some reason. Its fun to try to make a system that actually sells but I wouldn't autotrade any of em
  3. how does one make a system and add it to the website and backtest it? That does sound like fun!
  4. Please list a link to the C2 system in question. In my experience, all reported trading statistics on C2 are accurate and representative.
  5. There was at least one former ET regular who claimed in private conversations to have found a way to game collective2. Whether that was actually true or not, I do not know.

  6. Yep, he told me how, if you want to know more, PM me
  7. o rly. game how?

  8. Not that I'm defending them or anything (In fact, I'd really like to see a sampling distribution of the 7,000+ systems), but are you referring to listed trades other than the table displayed?

    This is what I see when I go to your link.

    The individual returns are in perfect agreement with the compounded curve.

    What I don't get however, is when you go to individual top performance, they list like 10-20 profitable systems out of the 7,000+. Where is the data repository of ALL of the system returns? And what's to stop some "friend of the company" from entering 1,000+ hypothetical systems, then picking a select group of survivors to display?
  9. I just looked at the link and not everytrade was a loser from what I could see.

    I had a system on C2 but found that the commisions (C2 charged $10 per trade) and other issues made my performance weaker than real (try scalping while on C2 for example and having to close out of margin one hour before the close)

    I just joined Covester and it appears to be better from my point of view.
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