Whats the current opinion of new Tradestation Platform?

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    Hi Everyone,

    I'm looking to create a daytrading account with a broker in the US. I have been using TS2000i and want to either continue using this or move to the new Tradestation 6 platform. Tradestation Securities seem to have a pretty good commision structure and the platform so .... the question is I want to move quite a large amount of cash over so am wondering if Tradestation people are reliable and is the the new SW good and reliable to use?
    Also what are the fills like for example on size 2000? What kind of
    size fill have people had problems with?

    Alternatively any other good broker that supports TS2000i or
    tradestation 6. Most important is that the broker must support the Automatic Trading option in Tradestation.

    Would appreciate any feedback.

    Kind Regards,

  2. ddog


    I have been using TS 6 for a little over a year for trading eminis.

    Reliability has been outstanding. In my opinion it is an excellent platform.
  3. You find the fills and executions on the web-based platform adequate? Are you day-trading? Have you ever used other platforms?

    I use and like TS6 for equities - but haven't heard anything good about the futures capabilities - figured I'd wait for TS7 and promised full integration.

    To the originator of this thread: TS6 is in most ways superior to 2000i, especially in terms of stability and ease-of-use, but with a few exceptions that may be critical to certain traders (inability to accept 3rd party tick data, for instance). TS6 does not directly interface with any other datafeed or brokerage. I suppose that somewhere in the trading and programming universe someone may have developed an interface that allows auto-trading from 2000i or maybe even somehow from TS6 to some other broker's system, but I haven't see such anywhere.

    PS: Check the reviews and run a search. There's been a lot of discussion of TS here, both pro and con. There was a big problem last month that almost drove me to another broker, but it's been fixed.
  4. Yes, the web based futures platform is a big drawback for TS6 ...
  5. "Although anyone can view the Strategy Development Discussion message boards, only registered TradeStation product owners and subscribers (TradeStation, OptionStation, RadarScreen, Omega Research ProSuite, SuperCharts, Wall Street Analyst or Window On Wall Street software) are allowed to post and view the TradeStation 6 Platform Questions and TradeStation 2000i message boards. "

    You start wondering why guests cannot read the forums (before they sign up for TS6 ...)
  6. nitro


    TS2Ki is a joke.

    TS6 is a good trading platform. It has some obvious idiosyncracies, but I hear they are being addressed in 7.0.

    With the HUGE improvements in ESignal, and the availabilty of Wealth-Lab, I give Tradestation one more chance at version 7.x to get it "right." It doesn't get it right on 7.x, I expect to see the stock at ZERO.

  7. Many people talk about TS7 since over one year and the product is not available until now.
  8. m_c_a98


    I don't have any problems with TS2ki with service pack 5. It's really no different than TS6. I would actually say its better because you control all your data sources and importing, exporting, etc.


    DB from Dynastore software created a program called dynaorder that uses a dll to connect TS and Interactive brokers API so you can automated your trading system. Its free and works well....
  9. nitro


    I also own TS Platinum with SP5, and it is vastly different [worse] than TS6. I do not know what you are doing, but speed and reliabilty are critical to me.

    I set up trial with PCQuote [the makers of Hyperfeed] to use with TS2K. I then put up a Radarscreen and the PCQuote program side by side and compared the quotes I was getting in the canned programs that came with PCQuote, and the quotes on Radarscreen.

    The quotes on RadarScreen were consistently between 5 and 10 seconds slower than on the equivalent PCQuote programs both running off the same feed.

    Getting symbols into the Global Server is a major pain in the ass. I watch over 600 symbols.

    Whenever there was an interruption in my data, I would have to go and download the dreaded OMZ files to fill the "holes." In TS6, there is no data to maintain - it is all done at the TS data center that has multiple connections to the Internet, as well as multiple feeds, both Internet and Satellite - no data problems.

    Finally, TS2K is grossly less stable than TS6. I routinely crashed TS2K - now that I have moved to TS6, the crashes still occur, but they are once a day when I am maxing it out, or rarely ever if I am trading a different style.

    As far as Dynarorder, it works with TS6 as well...

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