What's the chances of the U.S. going bankrupt

Discussion in 'Economics' started by lasner, Feb 8, 2010.

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    We got the printing press, tons of gold, bucket loads of oil, earth shattering weapons and most importantly smartest people on the planet.
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    0% :)
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    I too once believed US can take over the world.

    You are all gonna be very surprised when it doesn't work out.

    Human lifespan is short and so none of you learn history.
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  6. Zero percent. No chance. Economy will recover in time.
  7. History has taught us that every world power or super power has fallen sooner or later.
    The US of A will be no exception.

    when they say the meek shall inherit the earth, I have heard it said it is in relation to China and they inherit it through ownership, they are buying it

    funny thing is with all of the Obama nationalization the US will be so use to the Chinese way of life, they will welcome it.
    a chicken for every pot.
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    90% Yes!

    I laid out the blueprint Oct 18-09 in posts #1 and #2, stoned :D

    My other posts therein were when sober, so they're on their own recognizance. :)



    watch part 1 to see where we started, aka Jan 14 2000, the bearmarket start.

    then in part 2 (link below) start from minute 1:36 which tells we are just about ready to start the next descent, maybe another mini sub-top first? ... either way there'll be no doubt when you see/hear minute 3:02 to 3:28. That will be the most powerful part of the downwave.


    Fasten seatbelts, then hide and watch :)
  9. Without The Second American Revolution, the US will be functionally bankrupt in 30-40 years.... likely sooner if Obama is successful in hoodwinking the public [again] for a 2nd term.
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    in Part 1, don't miss out on .....

    "Cancel my subscription to the resurrection
    Send my credentials to the House of Detention"

    .... you could then go to the "Soft Parade" .... and play from ...

    "the monk bought lunch
    yeah he bought a little
    this is the best part of the trip ..... "

    this ought to take you back to the 60s and you can sleep out the BEAR stoned. Highly recommended.

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