What's the chance of US striking North Korea ?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by lx008, Dec 6, 2017.

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    What's the chance of US striking North Korea ? As some China newspaper began to educate people on nuclear fallout on Dec 6th.
  2. Robert Morse

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    Higher than they were 1 year ago.
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  3. But lower than during the Korean war ?
  4. toc


    Who cares!!

    price is the master of the markets, just follow the price and be happy !!
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    Ya, uranium and steel prices rising (preparing for war?) Just follow the price and be happy!!
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    Uranium ETF : URA
    Up in the last month, but off multi-year lows.
    I had no idea there was a Uranium ETF. :D
    Who's gonna take physical delivery?
    Putin? Hillary maybe.
  7. Humpy


    The question is will N.Korea attack when it has the capability ?
    Some would argue that the years of deprivation enforced by sanctions should give them enough reason to attack.
    And if they do attack how much damage will the US endure before they counter attack ? One city blasted, maybe 2 ?
    Perhaps a pre-emptive strike ?
  8. tomorton


    Chances of a direct NK attack on US citizens or service personnel are remote. Nuclear power is useful to Kim Jong-un as long as he can bargain with it. But once he's committed to missile attacks rather than tests, the outcomes for him would be either regime change with no remaining nuclear arsenal or regime survival with no remaining nuclear arsenal. So what's the point?

    (regime change might come about through the NK military, or internal factions, with or without Chinese involvement, not just foreign invasion)

    Even if Kim destroyed the current US government in a surprise attack, the next US administration would destroy his regime for safety's sake and would no doubt have UN backing.

    A demonstration strike that would show weapon capability plus determination to use them might be a better (for Kim) move. But it would have to be a target that wouldn't automatically initiate a war with the US or the UN or China. So, a target of military importance but with limited counter-strike capability and determination, and with limited international concern. I suggest Russia but not while Putin is in charge: he would react with deadly determination. But if Putin falls and there is a power vacuum / transition period, Valdivostok and the Russian eastern forces better watch out.
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  9. Could buy CCJ. Has greater daily $ handle.
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    K, so we're definitely going to blow ourselves up? (This was made before the DPRK had nukes, but same idea heh.)

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