What's the career path for this job?

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  1. Hi all,
    I wonder if anyone knows the career path for the following job. Thanks for your help.

    Treasury & Execution Specialist

    The Role-Holder is responsible for:

    a) Providing support to the local UBS business, in connection with all treasury related products and processes. The role incorporates a high emphasis on risk management to protect domestic UBS Wealth Management margin income and maintaining risk within approved risk limits. The integrity of all rate and price sensitive treasury products has to be safeguarded at all times, by adhering to the local and group treasury models and principles.

    b) Timely and adequate execution of orders across asset classes / products as received from client Advisors, Direct Access clients, External Asset managers etc either through trade entry tolls or phone, confirmation of these orders, supervision of limits and progress reports to the clients

    c) The Role-Holder creates and maintains a relationships with all process related participants either in-house or where necessary with third party providers. In certain locations, the role also includes education of Client Advisors with regards to specific products and their workings.