What's the Biggest Leverage You've Used to Date?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by schizo, Jun 13, 2010.

What's the Biggest Leverage You've Used to Date?

  1. Leverage of 2:1

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  2. Leverage of 10:1

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  3. Leverage of 20:1

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  4. Leverage of 100:1

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  1. schizo


    Everyone uses leverage to their benefit (or peril). I'm no exception. But do you really need a leverage of 100:1 in order to succeed? Realistically speaking, can you even think straight with so much weight on your shoulder?
  2. 100:1+. Prop.

    In prop though, things get skewed. You can have 10000 in your account, and if your buying power is 1mm, and you use it, then all of a sudden, technically, you're 100:1. That number alone does not lend too much info about the risks though. It's so highly dependent on the strategies being used, the trader, the markets, etc., etc.
  3. 150:1 trading es intraday back when it was above 1500.

    Now I only use 108:1.
  4. cstfx


    You've never traded spot forex then have you?

    Also in previous postings you have stated that you are using zenfire as your data engine and since it is associated pretty much with low, intraday margin brokers, you are using in effect leverage of 100:1 or greater when trading contracts intraday such as ES, etc, no?
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  6. I can recall using leverage > 2:1, only twice in my career. Bit me both times.
  7. schizo


    Are you addressing me?

    I dunno about others, but in my case, I buy and sell the same number of lots for most of my trades. That is, I typically buy 20 lots when trading ES and usually 6 lots for CL. Even if I make or lose, say, $100k, the number of contracts tends to remain the same.

    Do you folks raise or reduce your bet size based on your TNW?