Whats the Biggest Instant Fill Size for Institutions and Private Investors?

Discussion in 'Forex' started by achilles28, Sep 23, 2005.

  1. achilles28



    What is the biggest instant fill size institutions can typically get during high liquidity sessions without getting requoted?

    What is the biggest instant fill size private investors can typically get when trading through banks (not retail brokers) during high liquidity sessions?

    Anyone have an idea?

  2. taboni


    I can get 15 million done on a singe price instantaneously through Hotspot's retail platform but I think someone offers bigger size than that.
  3. achilles28


    thnaks for the reply!

    15 million is decent for a retail account. Most retailers offer instant execution up to 10 mil, i believe?

    Keep the responses coming!
  4. tomcole


    Shouldnt you also ask how wide the spread is? And will they re-qoute for the same size immediately, credit limits allowing?

    eg, market is 10-12, you take 10 at 12, ask for a frsh qoute, do you get 10-12, 11-13, or 9-15?

    On an insititutional basis, I've seen real customers get qoutes for 500 mil, with what ya''ll would consider retail spreads - at a Tier 1 house!
  5. achilles28


    i see what you mean. But my question was directed towards the biggest size lots institutions can get fills on at the same price. Thats what i meant by not getting a 'requote', but perhaps could have clarified.

    For instance, using your example cited above, 10 lots @ 12 would be the biggest block size one could purchase without taking a higher price.

    Im curious, what is the largest typical lot size institutions can purchase at the same price, without having to ascend to a higher (or lower) price strata?

    Know what I mean?
  6. tomcole


    In the interbank market, dealers usually agree how much they'll qoute for before asking for prices. , eg, I'll qoute you for X, if you qoute me for X...

    Customers will usually ask for an amount, eg, cable in 50, etc,
  7. achilles28


    I can understand this. Bigger the order, the more dealers fade the quote, right?

    But where is the instant execution? The interbank cant possibly operate by having each transaction prenegotiated by humans prior to execution.

    There must be automation for some trade size somewhere in the interbank market and thats where my question is directed.

    Where automated execution exists on the interbank market, what is the average size of lots that are made available at the same price?
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  9. F. d'Anconia

    F. d'Anconia Guest

    SkAlPz (Coinz) can do 3 Trillion.
  10. well I belieave some of the bigger players, who want to do some size like a billion dollars in a sinch, would skip the market, and just go throught their contact list of players, till they fill order. If its a huge size.

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