Whats the big deal with a little Horse meat?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by noob_trad3r, Feb 12, 2013.

  1. It seems the Europeans and the UK folks have been eating quite a bit of Horse meat and never knew better.

    So if that is the case and they never knew better then it means Horse meat is good enough for the Europeans and the UK folk. Why not just keep it going?

    Better than to let good meat go to waste.
  2. Talked to a guy the other day who works for a supplier in the food industry. They process chicken. He was telling that processed chicken is almost like a commodity relative to pricing and is production driven. The company is constantly putting in time to figure out how to produce cuts of chicken that they can make more money on.

    I remarked that basically it's "how many ways that you can screw a chicken". He laughed his ass off.

    Outside of Mr. Ed I don't really care if they eat horses or not.
  3. What's the problem with horsemeat in burgers?

    Its not even a mane ingredient. ...

  4. I'm just waiting for ET member Mr. Ed to comment on this thread...
  5. Now Ikea meatballs have horsemeat. I thought folks love those meatballs.
  6. I found a horseshoe in my lasagne last night and sent an e mail complaint to Findus.

    Just got the reply; they say there is nothing to worry about, they traced it back to a cross dressing cow.
  7. If Subway wants to keep up with it's competitors,

    they should probably start selling 5 dollar furlongs.