What's the best way to trade full time, while working for someone else full time?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by SlickRick, Jun 23, 2003.

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    I worked nights 5-9 and weekends for a while until I could trade full time. There are a lot of jobs that have different hours than the market.
    Move to California. Then you could trade the morning big moves and then go to work.
    Dude, you got to be careful. If your boss reads your post, you are toast!:D
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  2. Nahh. I don't want to leave, I'll keep sucking the system, like they suck the life out of me. You think my boss is worried about my bills when he goes to sleep, yeah and Jennifer Lopez thinks of me too. I'm just looking for the best James Bond trader setup.
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    Just a thought: Go to a longer timeframe, trade weekly bars. You can do all the work on your own time. I'm pretty sure lots of people do it that way. They wouldn't be on this forum much since this one is dedicated to day and swing trading.

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  4. Put in a request to relocate to the West Coast..!!

    Several of my colleagues trade @ the open (6:30am - 8:30am PST) and go to their "other job"....

    Quick pitch for Vegas:
    1. 300 days of Sunshine
    2. NO State- Income tax
    3. World class entertainment & restaurants

    "That's how we do it..!!" :cool:
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  5. 4. Legal prostitution.
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  6. Thats a great suggestion for someone that doesn't have all the time for full time trading. This is what the LARGE mutual fund technicians base alot of there trades on so in a sense you would be trading like an inst. Which is not a bad thing.
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  7. Befriend the IT guy. Find out what floats his boat. Porn, football, Quake, whatever. If it's football for example, tell him you've got a few free tickets for a big game and see if he's interested. He probably has no friend's anyway. That way, he'll turn a blind eye to your IT indescretions and your secret is safe. Or take him to the strippers for lunch.

    I traded from work for years in the late ninties - about 4 hours a day. When working in a company with 300 plus staff, it's easy. And every week you get to add a little to your account.

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  8. Quick pitch for Vegas:
    1. NO State- Income tax
    2. NO State- Income tax
    3. NO State- Income tax
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    10. NO State- Income tax

    Oh man its tempting... :D



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  9. Assuming that you are even profitable, of course! :D
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  10. hey,

    so what's your state's tax rate?
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