What's the best way to trade full time, while working for someone else full time?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by SlickRick, Jun 23, 2003.

  1. I gotta big problem. Maybe you can help. My job stinks, but I keep it because I dont want to be at home, and I get insurance. The office is pretty cool. I'm pretty good at what I do, and whenever the boss asks me how long a project will take, I tell him, "oh about 3 days". I get it done in a few hours, and trade. The boss loves me becuase I'm there at 8:50am and leave right after he says goodbye, and I never took a vacation day. I figure I could let this go on for a while, and I have survived about 10 layoffs. I was promoted because all my supervisors were canned. The IT guy in the office got really pissed, because I installed about 5 different platforms, and I coudlnt figure out why the computer was so slow. :) The IT guy nailed me there and found a whole bunch of MP3s, funny videos, and lots of games. II do my job, and give my boss his money's worth. I gotta tell ya, I don't get warm and fuzzy about "goals" and the "company man" stuff anymore. Any clues on how I can keep my cover from being blown?
  2. Its been at least 3 mins and NO REPLY. You guys are killing me here. I'm serious. I need a group approach on this one. :)
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    Give the IT guy some stock tips and a copy of your favorite day trading book. Fiddling with charts is way more fun than mapping networks. You'll have him hooked and doing tech support for your favorite platform(s) in no time.

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    IT guys want to get out just as bad as anyone else sometimes more! Ideally you would want to convince him to get you another machine laptop desktop whatever connecting to dsl. So you have one box connected to corporate and one to the internet. Do you have your own office? or are you in cubeland?
  5. why don't you look to trade Eurex, you can work during the day and trade Euro's at night,...sleep is another issue:p. Also FOREX is another possibility too, it trades around the clock. When I worked at Xerox I only traded options and swing-traded stocks so it worked for me.

    Good luck...

  6. SlickRick,

    Is your real name Wally, and do you work with Dilbert?
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    I would bribe people heavily, as much as it was worth. I'm almost to that point with my job. I'm first going to set up an autotrading system running on my home machine and oversee it with GoToMyPC. If that doesn't work I'm going to set up an alerting system and trade at work when I get an alert on my pager. If those don't work I should know enough about trading to decide whether to quit the job or not.

  8. remember that if you quit your job you will have to pay your bills out of your trading profits. That can seriously inhibit the growth of your account, in fact you could be insuring your eventual doom by doing that. The size of your trading equity ( not buying power ) had better exceed your annual wages or don't even think about it.
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    try and see if your boss will let you work from home one or more days a week, i dont know if your company has a policy against something like that though. tell him about the cost benefits of having you work at home on non-essential days.

    my work lets me telecommute once a week, and twice once in a while, which lets me trade without too many distractions.
  10. consistent profits if you do it right
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