What's the best way to get the skills to crush the market?

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  1. -Mentoring
    -Online courses
    -Try and error with paper money
    -Try and error with real money
  2. If you want to "crush the market"...none of those conventional methods listed above will help you;

    You need to take things to Another level...Black Magic,
    [​IMG] o_O
    All those things listed...mentoring, online courses, paper trading, real trading, etc etc...are all for failed trader joker salesmen,

    If you're able to just Match the Market's performance...consider yourself very good and/or lucky.
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  4. LOL!, I am using this in poker, but is not working...

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    A trader cannot crush the market. At least not for very long. But a trader might make a living by:

    1) getting some solid PA concepts down pat via study..mentoring or otherwise.

    2) get some top notch training in psychology as it applies to training..especially the concepts of mindfulness and detachment.

    3) practicing those Pa concepts, and those psychological concepts, via live trading on a sim until one is consistently profitable on a sim.

    4) test the waters with live trading with real money

    Adapt..adjust..experience..learn. Some things can only be learned via trading with real money.
  6. work for or with someone who has a "market crusher" .
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    Chris Mac

    Crush the market ?
    There is something really important you seem not to understand.
    Markets don't care about you.
    Markets crush you if you make mistakes. And you will, sooner or later.
    Be humble, try to grab every day/week some points here, some points there, don't lose too much.
    At the end, maybe you would get the skills by repeating day after day, week after week, month after month same good actions and limit/erase bad actions. Maybe.

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    What's the best way to get the skills to crush the market?

    1) Always maintain a tight grip on your capital.
    ... ... ...
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    Learn cyber warfare
  10. Good points. I gambled for quarters [$00.25] in pool halls; but markets are not gambling @ all, not even close Search books, like Jack Schwager + Proverbs.............................:cool::cool::caution::caution::caution::caution::caution:, :caution::caution:
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