What's the best way to get cell phone video out of Egypt?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by wilburbear, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. Why not just email the video to a friend?

    Or can you email it straight to YouTube or LiveLeak?

    Can you email high def video from a cell phone?

    The site below was mentioned in a tweet. Has anyone used it?

  2. Google and Twitter just offered phone service for all cyber users. Al Jazeera is offering their numbers on their networks.

    On a separate note, the Egyptian regime just rounded and detained all foreign news correspondents in preparation of tomorrow's onslaught. Al Jazeera has hidden reporters throughout the country and will be offering live coverage tomorrow.

  3. No idea, but soon, it appears, it's not going to matter anyway:

    It would appear a Tienanmen moment is being planned.
  4. Internet just got restored this morning, go figure.
  5. you can also tweet a picture or video(!) on "Yfrog"

    some guy using this service is at the epicenter of everything.

    this was just 9 mins. ago.

  6. JamesL


    What's the best way to get a video out? Probably the same way Stewart was able to txt Colbert using his iphone (about 2 minutes in)

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  7. Internet and cell phone service was down in egypt. I suppose if you had an israeli cell phone provider and you were close to the border you could email the video out...