What's the BEST time to trade?

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  1. Hey,

    I currently work full-time, but am also trying to day trade. This is
    a skill I'd like to have as something to fall back on (the IT job
    market isn't the greatest). So, I would like to trade every day or
    almost every day. What's a good time frame to trade if I can only
    devote one hour during market hours to trading? Ofcourse, this is aside from time spent outside market hours to research stocks....this 1 hour is
    strictly for trading. So, what 1-hour period would you recommend?

    Thanks for your help! :cool:
  2. Digs


    Between the opening bell and 11.30..


    1) Most market movers know which stocks they want to move before the bell,
    2) Most of the move is over by lunch time
    3) Afternoon trading is only worth while after news or the market is very HOT in one direction from the mornings activity.

    If you cant make money on this advice GIVE UP !

    Good Luck
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  4. Thanks for your advice. So far, I'm only trading the first half-hour and doing OK.

  5. anymore, she starts freaking out before 11:30. Unless volume is strong, I'm over it before the first hour is up. So what am I doing sitting here now....:eek:
  6. Whenever your methodology allows you to make the most profit.
  7. If you are doing well the first half hour than stick to it. I find the first 20 minutes or so hairy, and only trade during this time when fading gaps. The next hour or so is the best in my opinion. the close is usually pretty good too.

  8. nitro


    8:30 AM - 3:00 PM CST


    1) Because the markets are open
    2) Because the markets are not closed

  9. nitro, agreed....but for me that would be 9:00 AM - 10:00 PM CET
  10. Agreed. While you may not have time for this, tracking the performance of your preferred method by various metrics, including the time of entry, will pay big dividends. Certain trend-dependent strategies, for example, seem to do best (extent of move, probability of a win) if the entries are triggered during a fairly limited window in the morning or another in the afternoon. Conversely, certain strategies designed for weak trend environments seem to have different optimal times. Tracking -- or backtesting -- allows you to see these patterns, especially if over hundreds of instances of the setup.
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