What's the best time of day to trade forex?

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    In the stock market the open and close are often the most active times. Is there a certain time of day that's fairly active with forex?
  2. The European day-session.
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    What time is that in CST? Sorry I'm new to forex.
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    Best Time?

    2am - 12 pm EDT
  5. This PDF breaks it down, but like cstfx said, it's 2am - 12pm ET. Difficult for us NYers... not as difficult as that Mets loss...
  6. Best time to trade is overlap time between NY session and London sesseon as well as overlap between Tokyo and London.

    Most volume is traded in these occasions.
  7. Personally I think trading forex off of the larger time frames makes the most sense as the shorter time frames can be choopy.

    But if you like to day trade here are the best forex trading hours.
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    There are obvious and less obvious errors in those tables.

    America EST: pm ≠ am.

    Pacific GMT & EST: Wellington is 3 hours ahead of Sydney, not the same time.
  9. That pdf is rather old and technically inaccurate but the sentiment is ok.
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    It is no meter of time ... the best time to trade is when you understand the moves in the market and you can take an advantage because of it
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