Whats the best tablet,convertible for outdoor trading ?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Peternam, Aug 5, 2011.

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    I took the plunge and got myself this Toshiba Thrive tablet. My only hesitation was buying a WiFi-only tablet. But I decided that most of the places I would use it offer free WiFi anyway (e.g., airports, hotels, coffee shops, waiting rooms). And for those times when free WiFi is not nearby, I can simply turn on the WiFi hotspot feature of my cell phone and connect the tablet using WiFi teathering. I tested this and it works great. I'm in tablet heaven. :)
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  2. Dell makes a 7" device that looks cool but all it runs is some POS OS with childish apps; no windows and no windows applications.
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    Dell made a giant sized phone that nobody wanted too... they specialize in cheap and massive delivery but product development, maybe not so much...

    If I wanted to do business apps on a tablet I'd get a Lenovo that runs windoz..
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    Now that Amazon has released it's new Kindle, it's clearly no competition for the iPad or other full-size tablets. It has a 7" screen, which gives the impression of an oversized cell phone or an undersized tablet.
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    I'm waiting for the Asus Eee pad transformer 2. Love the docking idea with keyboard and its supposedly going to be running win 8.
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  6. when is this model going to hit the market ?
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