Whats the best tablet,convertible for outdoor trading ?

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  1. It has to got good battery life , viewable screen outside....
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    What you want is something like the Panasonic Toughbook. Most outdoor viewable laptops/tablets are built "tough" and as a result are pretty expensive compared to normal ones.

    Its rumored (in a couple months) the next Apple MacBook Pros might be coming with a new Retina display which is what is used on the iPhone 4.

    I've always wanted an outdoor viewable laptop so I look forward to what these new MacBook Pros might offer.
  3. ANy other windows tablets worth considering ?
  4. Well, I can tell you what not to get: glass screens. They're way too reflective and nearly impossible to view outdoors. The tough book isn't a bad option, bit I don't think I would want to trade on it. However, it just might be the best option out there.
  5. You can always put a reflective screen protector to get rid of th reflections, no ?

  6. Will a reflective screen protector not help with this ?
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    I'm shopping for my first tablet and I am most impressed with the Toshiba Thrive. It has the following features which differentiate it from other tablets:

    - Rubberized case for durability and firm grasp.
    - All the standard ports you want: USB, HDMI, and mini-USB.
    - SD card slot, good for camera hookup or aux file storage.
    - User-replaceable battery.

    On the downside, it's thicker and heavier than other tablets, but that's the tradeoff for a more versatile unit. Also, battery life is not as good as other brands, but sufficient for normal use. There was a problem with sleep mode in the first production run that came out last month, but Toshiba has since released a software fix. Current version is WiFi only and does not support 3G/4G, but 3G/4G is likely coming in their next version.

    If I were to use this for trading, I would use it with a remote client like LogMeIn Ignition to connect to a home or office-based trading computer, on an exception basis only. I would not normally rely on a mobile tablet with a wireless internet connection for routine trading.

    On balance, I think this is the best tablet for a business user. Other features often discussed in tablet reviews, like multimedia, camera quality, and case colors are secondary to me.

    I haven't made my purchase decision yet, but leaning this way.
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    The ebook readers are better for use in outdoors afaik. Amazon is rumored to be preparing a Kindle that is competition for iPad. If it runs Windows it might be great for trading..

  9. i think its going to run android os
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    makes sense that it would...

    For trading on the go I've wanted a crossover, a phone that was big enough to serve as a tablet.. Samsung announced the Note, 5.3" Super AMOLED display. I don't trade manually but I want oversight of the trading setup, a screen large enough is part of the specs and bright for outdoors is a less important spec. Super AMOLED is fairly bright, I have a Samsung Galaxy S with that screen technology. I'd say that I have to seek shade most of the time when I'm outdoors though. The Super AMOLED doesn't render colors well at all, my phone is green biased, it makes one tired when looking at it in fact, nonetheless for on the go I'll probably have a Note if they ever hit the market...

    For outdoors and windows capability I think I'd look at Lenovo first, they build rugged computers that are sort of for construction sites and things like that, maybe they have biased the screens towards working in sunlight...
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