whats the best stock screener you guys ever used !!!

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  1. I am looking for the best stock screener available ...preferably
    1 that has

    a) has penny stocks like pink sheets and otc.
    b) has some foriegn exchanges included
    c) comprehensive, accurate and fast with there data

  2. ib scanner, has everythin' i need'n'more, no foreign stocks tho....yet.
  3. Bitstream wow really which ones have u tried to compare ib too......
  4. only screener i made use of waz trade ideas but no any where near as good as ib for pre-mkt-intraday-ah treasures seekin'...learn how to use it'n'where to look to find somethin' promisin', instincts play a part, but it is a very good tool, i am perfectly happy with what i find on a daily basis, sometimes there even too much...embarrassment of da choice.
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    If you dont mind me asking... what its is with the IB scanner that you like. I find it limiting in my options....

  6. sorry man, but there's where i find me stocks...if u know where to look there are plenty of opportunities, i mainly play earnings or stocks that gap for a reason or another...they all there even if sometimes i really don't have a clue what's happenin' to a particular stock that's up 20% in pre-mkt i know it is cuz of somethin' innit[?]; u need to select da right filter'n'again, once u drag u stock on da tws line half da work is done, then u have to check if certain conditions satisfy u parameters or not...
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    understood.. an edge is an edge :D fading the gaps i assume or filling the gaps.. :p

    na prablem brotha :)
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    Foreign Exchanges

    Are there stock scanners that support non-US exchanges? Wondering how equity traders in Europe and Asia screen for their stocks....

  9. there are like 100 stock screeners out there !!! why do people always pick ib for everything lol come on people there has to be a better screener than ib..... who in here tried the 100 screeners to know lol
  10. cuz there's everythin' u need: u can select at least 50 stocks to pick as u possible trades; already too much too many imo. other scanners available on da net have not got da same features for intraday tradin'n'reliability of quotes...never saw a screener that keep u updated 'bout da liquidity available on both sides of da mkt, last trade, etc..they not specifically designed for intraday'n'even if there waz somethin' out there it wud not be of better aid. as i said there's even too much to choose if u know what to look for'n' it's easy to lose uself.
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