What's the best options broker?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Kubinec, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. Kubinec


    I wanted to sign up with IB, but my money is not good enough for them since they don't accept option traders that are under 21.

    I want a broker that doesn't charge 10$ + .75c per contract each trade like Ameritrade does. Drop the 10$ and I'm in.

    Any good brokers that charge up to 1 buck per contract with no other fees?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. SForce


    Alternatively you could drop the 75 cents per contract and go with Options House.

    (I don't their policy on age though, you'll have to check that part).
  3. well

    zecco. charges 4.50 plus 50 cent

    tradeking 5 plus 50 cents

    thinkorswim 2.95 per contract.

    but i dont know the age. limit. needed
  4. Kubinec


    I'll check them out thanks guys!!!
  5. SForce


    Tradeking is 4.95 + .65 per contract and I wouldn't recommend Zecco to anyone... They have had so many issues with their system and everything that they are not reliable..
  6. TM1982


    Won't ThinkOrSwim's platform disappear once it merges with Ameritrade??

  7. yes.. i dont know why ameritrade did acquire it....
    only thing they will do is cannibilize it..

    how do u handle the commission differential... TOS is for pros. mostly options /futures traders...

    ameritrade is ... for ?? gullible. retail part timers.. ha ha.