Whats the best instrument to trade swing / over night ?

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  1. I have been trading futures fairly successfully for the past few months...however recently I received a job offer from one of the top I banks here in NYC ... so it was really hard not to turn it down.

    however, since now i cant day trade, i still want to be involved in the markets in my side account..what is my best option to tradE? my system works in any market...but im not sure whats good for overnight / swing trading?

    Stocks , forex , futures ?
  2. jprad


    What makes you think you can swing trade?

    Most of the big banks have pretty restrictive policies on short-term trading and will probably make you close all your outside accounts if they have their own trading desk.
  3. Yes they did tell me that I had to give them all account #'s and close them down ....I was gona open an account on someone else in the family - is that ok ?
  4. As long as you trust them.
  5. LEAPup


    It's ok unless you get caught...
  6. jprad


    Heh, you're on your own with that one...
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    ALMOST Never.
    What is your role in the firm. if you are on the Deal side. Frget abt it and save ur job.
  8. ...if he's on the deal side he won't have time to trade, but your point stands nonetheless.
  9. must be a lot of corruption to have that rule

    the more rule society the more corrupt it is.

    i mean you just an employee who cares you trade outside of your job if you don't use insider informration in your trades...

    what you do outside of work is really none of your companie's business.

  10. You guys went on to offtopic with this...my question was which instrument is best not whether I can or can't trade.

    Stocks forex futures ?

    And the position is AML / KYC ...
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