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    First, Sorry for my bad english. Im still learning.

    Im a Daytrader since 6 Years in Germany. I have still an account in USA(ameritrade) but use it not often. Now i will start also Daytrading in USa( The fees are much lower here. Up to 80%).

    What i want? I want a good quote-stream, i want intradaycharts.(tick by tick) My style is swingtrading(often only 1-2 positions over a day). So i also need a good newsfeed (theflyonthewall.com ?) and multimonitor. I dont need profesionals Charttools, Bolinger,elliot Wave and this stuff.

    Maybe i need a scannertool. i heard ESignal and Qchart offer one. Right?

    What can you recommend me?

    Maybe i like to switch to MB-Trading and one of his partners(Q-chart,esignal). But i tested ESignal for a month, and this was to confuse for me. So much parameters and to much stuff i dont need.

    Thanks that you take time for me. I hope my english was not so terrible. I like this site and wish you good trades.

  2. but I would keep it very cheap and simple. and that would include
    IB, wealth-lab (not for charts BUT strategy building they are the best) and look for a little longer timeframe. IB is cheap, wealth-lab is OK (at $650) I am not even sure about III party charts or news, or the cost of.
    Problem is that better news than the pros will break you financially also the charts - multi monitor etc - WHY, do you really need that?
    Look at some better strategies than ST swing trading wich is difficult since decimalization killed the listed market(NYSE). Level II was never my forte... Also it would help to know what you trade (futures, stocks?)
    Scanning you can get away from yahoo.com for free or for a very low price (I can do some looking around for you)
    PM or email me and I will try to help more. What online feed cable, DSL or dial up do you have?
  3. if you mostly swingtrade you dont need perfect data. in that case i would keep it cheap and simple. use ib and qcharts for 79 a month.
    here is a free trial to qcharts for you to try.

  4. kezzel,

    You can use Medved QuoteTracker. Has full support for Ameritrade and MB Trading - streaming Level I and Level II (also streaming news and backfill for Ameritrade) as well as full Integrated Trading with both.

    The Fly On The Wall is also supported in QuoteTracker. All the indicators you mentioned are available on the intraday charts (up to 10 days now)

    We also support eSignal datafeed as well as many others.

    For MB Trading clients, the QuoteTracker registration is free (same goes for CyberTrader, optionsXpress, XoomTrade)

    Jerry Medved
  5. Guty


    I trade US from Belgium.

    Cheap and simple set-up: IB and registered Quotracker : cost is 60$ per year. Helpdesk for IB is available in german.

    Scanner: http://stockcharts.com

    Third party for IB: http://www.buttontrader.com useful only if you trade futures or scalp.

    Dual monitor is easy to set-up with an old matrox G-400 or nearly all new graphic cards.
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    Free and really useful: log on IRC in a good chatroom like www.daytraders.org for useful tips, hot news and real time trading from others daytraders.