Whats the best EOD service?

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  1. dogdays


    At the moment, I don't need intraday data or charts. Is there good software out there for building good daily and longer term charts, that will also allow me to input my own ascii data.

    So far I've looked at QuoteTracker; great price! but no ascii importing.

    Esignal, ok price at under $300/yr, but no ascii importing and no forex (I'd like U.S. futures and forex updated daily at end of day if poss., if not that's what my own ascii data is for.) Also, apparently, you can't even use the service for a large part of the day.

    I'm running a trial version of Multicharts with no feeds right now. It allows ascii importing, but does not offer an EOD version of the program so it would be very expensive to purchase and use for EOD only.

    Seems like there ought to be something out there with good EOD charting and daily data updates (or at least ascii importing) for U.S futures and global forex without paying intraday streaming prices. Any thoughts?
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    Chuck_T eSignal

    We are going to release a new End of Day (EOD) version in the next 60 days that supports all global data, forex, and Futures based on the latest eSignal version 10.1. It will also support intraday data, but not real time.

    This eSignal On Demand will have our advanced charts and EFS studies

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    try Marantrader. It's free and has - beside intraday data - lots of daily data: Stocks, Indices, Forex and Futures.
    It is a charting and analysis platform, but all data is stored on your computer, so you can access it.


  4. Chuck_T

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    Here is the updated information on the new "eSignal on Demand" for End of Day and Intraday charting. Includes our Advanced Charts and hundreds of EFS studies. No exchanges fees and all for the price of $24.95 per month. Covers all the US stocks and futures markets and over dozens of global exchanges.


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    Does the $34.95 All Region package includes the exchange fee or are the exchange fee paid separately (specifically, the Australian Stock Exchange and the Toronto Stock Exchange) ?
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    Chuck_T eSignal


    There are no exchange fees with this product. At first we were building a global End of Day service, but then decided to raise the bar a level and added snap shot delayed intraday data to this product.

    So it does not have streaming real time data (you need the standard eSignal account for that), but near real time with all the advanced charting features and EFS studies.


  7. Wealth Lab.
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    Sounds great, thank you.
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    wealth lab +QP2
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    Hi Is there any possibility to export the data from esignal into Excel? Thanks
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