What's the best currency to hold as Cash?

Discussion in 'Forex' started by W4rl0ck, Oct 8, 2008.

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    Say you're hypothetically worried about the $US and you don't want to own bags of boullion.

    Which major currencies will hold up?

  2. US$................people think US economy is doing bad.......Europe/Asia is worse I think. or am I wrong?
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    What about Swiss France and Yen?
  4. new$


  5. triggger


    you would hold USD rather than EUR


    let me guess, you never left US, not even for vacation

    arrogant yanks :D

    it will be your undoing :eek:
  6. Fuck yes I would. I would also hold the jpy, brl, and the chf over it.
  7. Its not a matter of arrogance so much as practicality. The world's business currency is still USD, like it or not. If and when that standard changes, then perhaps an adjustment would have to be made. If anything, gold is the one constant that crosses all borders and ideologies. If I were that afraid, I would just buy some gold and be done with it. That way you are truly covered. IMHO of course.
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    Ummm. That's changing now.

    We're all in a LOT OF TROUBLE.

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    There is a fairly significant chance the EUR won't be around in ten years so if I had to choose between the two it wouldn't be difficult. Although I like silver myself.
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