What's the best company for wireless internet?

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  1. I have zero experience using cell phone companies thumb drives for computers. Out of all the cell phone companies, which one offers the best wirless internet for computers?
    -I want something that gets great signal, is very fast, reliable company and is a solid piece of hardware.

    -What company, data package, hardware do you use or recommend?
  2. If you will be trading, you might want faster than wireless.

    But, depends on your trading style (short-term vs swing trading, long-term, etc).

    If execution isn't that important, wireless I guess.
  3. I have a vacation home that I've been spending lots of my freetime at. I'm going to install another trading computer there so I can spend more time there. The problem is there is no high speed Internet. Everybody around there uses the little thumb drive/USB "cell phone company" wireless Internet. I have no experience using them.

    What is the best company, package deal, product etc for trading application.
  4. I use verizon wireless as a backup to my cable internet to trade intraday forex futures and S&P e-mini.
    Verizon broadband wireless averages over 900kbs download and 300kbs upload, which is plenty for the daytrader who is following less than 20 symbols at any given time.

  5. consider yourself lucky that you don't know much about it.

    i have three free developer demo/trials right now and 3G or 4G or LTE - they are all horrible.
  6. Wow, they cap it at 5Gb? I was under the impression a year ago that you could download all you want etc. I'm not going to be using it for surfing, but 5Gb sounds awfully small.
  7. Sprints 4G mobile hotspot does not have a cap.

  8. rcj


    Does anyone have experience with
    http://www.clear.com/ ?

    Im thinking of giving them a try on my trading PC.
  9. Look at Millenicom's advanced plan. They use Verizon's network and have a 20G limit for $59.99 with no contract. This is a 3G service.

    I went the Millenicom route in June after using Verizon for many years. I don't see any difference.

    The member's forum "Internet Access on the Road" on the www.escapees.com site (for rvers) has a decent discussion on the options.
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    I use Clear. It's wonderful in more urban areas where you have a clean 4G signal. Fast, reliable, etc.

    Unfortunately, in my suburban home... it frankly sucks. Signal goes in and out. Their software shows acceptable signal quality (3 out of 5 bars), but that doesn't keep it from dropping TCP connections a few times an hour. Perhaps not a big deal for other applications (browsing the web?), but pretty much unacceptable for this.
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