Whats the average bid/ask quanity for crude oil??

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  1. ALoha, ive started using a new tool to be able to see the number of sellers vs buyers, bid/ask quantity.

    I trade through EtxCapital, but got this data feed from X-trader as just got a free demo account from them.

    However what is the average bid/ask quantity size, and difference between the 2 for crude oil does anyone know??

    cos its been doing 60:2,
    yet oil was still moving down as those bids were coming in.. :eek: :confused:

  2. Heres what i mean about more bids, but market falling..
  3. Meaningless dude. Watch the market depth for a few sessions.
  4. Ahh ok, what data feed would show market depth though please??

    Cheers for you help
  5. TT will. Choose MD Trader instead of market grid and you'll see the depth.

  6. cheers mate, im checking it out now. :)
  7. Ok im using it now but theres 2 things that are really winding me up about it! :(:mad:

    Its almost like they have deliberately gone out of their way to set it up liek this just to wind peopel up! :eek: :confused: :mad:

    Basically its that while the theres only a few ticks range (when i never trade it) the screen is ok and shows the midrange price, and tehn shows about 5 prices on both sides and the number of trades at each.

    However when theres any sort of sudden movement of more than 5ticks in about 1second (how oil should always be moving and often does),
    if its a down move then theres a qucik flash as the offers number drop down the collum to lower prices,
    but the chart box doesnt automatically move down too!! :confused: :mad:

    So i cant see what level it found bids at and the strength!

    And then the 2nd problem i have is often, even during quiet time,
    the price blocks often like to drift to 1 of the extremes of the box,
    so it only shows shows the Offers, but not showing the bids.

    So i then click that 'V' buttom to scroll teh box down so i can see the bids,
    but instead of just moving down a few boxes so it shows both bids n asks,
    it shoots all the way down so now it only shows the bids and not the offers!! :eek: :confused: :mad:

    Is there any way to sort this out???
  8. just recenter with the scroll button
  9. You're on a simulated gateway. We have TTSIM as well and it works great, but it is a simulated, not real production level gateway. Also, what data source are you using for those charts? tt has their own charts using the same datafeed you trade through. the screenshot attached is cl in production (not sim). i want to short this thing but whiffed when the market failed at that double top near 5346 :{
  10. If you want to be a serious crude trader, you need either TT or CQG Trader/CQG Client, AND ICE crude (view only). ICE has the lions share of volume and an unlimited market depth. We use CQG here for natty execution, and we use ICE for all our physical trading. The ICE Henry swap shows the entire market depth and is arb'ed to the NYMEX.

    Where do u live spanish?
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