What's the 20 year return on crude oil futures?

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  1. Answer: zero (spring 1990 - spring 2010)

    A nail in the coffin of Jim Roger's "commodity futures have always outperformed the commodity producer equities" theory?

    Crude Oil Futures
    (log chart, monthly bars, front month back-adjusted future data, does not include interest paid on cash collateral, data source: CSI DATA)

    Amex Oil Stock Index
    (log chart, monthly bars, does not include dividends paid, data source: CSI DATA)
  2. Pekelo


    ...and if you pick 1986-2008 you get 400%...

    As usual, timing is everything....
  3. Oil related equities outperformed that for 1986-2008 and probably more most other time frames that I have data for. I found that interesting.