What's that noisy, tingly thingy

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  1. Not sure to what extent this bit fits in with trader psychology (but then peruse the list of active threads) but I thought it was quite interesting:


    Here is some background info on synesthesia from what looks to be a reputable source:


    So maybe that shit you're hearing (or feeling) after 5-6 hours in front of the screen doesn't mean that, as might have been the case in the not so distant past, you were ready to, as they say, 'get checked out'.

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    If one is very nearsighted in the development years their hearing takes over some of the visual cortex. That is my condition, I can hear a little noise outside the house and know what it is... i had an attempt on my life once and I heard the guy behind me, who was not making any noise really, and I looked with only my peripheral vision and somehow knew that he had a garotte and was able to fight him off.... it was about the last thing he expected judging from the look on his face........ I saw a very good young martial artist back kick a guy right in the face. The guy was attacking from behind like the stupid prideful bully that he was and the martial artist had no time to see anything, it was more like he turned his head so he could observe, not aim the kick..... that is another level of skill, i'm not sure it involves integration of the hearing with the visual cortex or really it seems more like integration of the spirit with action....... that is what martial arts experts claim and i have found that they do quite often know what they are talking about.....

    When I look at that video I don't hear the dots moving but I have a sensation of hearing..... maybe when I was little I learned that I really wasn't hearing what I saw and shut it off.....
  3. Are you sure it's not tinnitus?
  4. Interesting maxpi. Like they say at the bottom of the NS text, the complexity of the human brain is mind-boggling and then we have to use our own brains to figure out what the brain is doing. So work out the number of variables in that interaction and then add a bunch of 'observing brains' and yah, then it gets really freakin' complicated.

  5. Improbable IMO. Tinnitus is high pitched ringing noise and typically associated with a definable middle ear problem (fluid, Meniere's disease) or external ear problem (wax). It would also be unusual for it to last so long. But many things thought to be impossible turn out not to be so.