What's stupider: Elliot Wave or the idea Gold will equal the Dow again?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by cloudeleven, Sep 10, 2010.

  1. They're both retarded. Every Elliott Wave technician has a different "wave count," and it was absolute complete coincidence that the Dow equaled the gold price in 1980. 1980 is also the ONLY time ever that the Dow has equaled the gold price (not that pre-1970 matters anyway since we were on the Gold Standard before then). Why use the Dow anyway? Why not the S&P 500 since it's a more comprehensive index? Ah, because it was the DOW that equaled gold that ONE time in 1980. One is an extremely small data set.

    I'm not saying gold WON'T equal the Dow again, but to believe that it's destiny that gold will equal the Dow again (as many gold bulls do) is retarded.

    Why do otherwise intelligent people believe in these ideas?
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    Fear mongering..
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    my forecast shows SP500 bottom between 450-550 before spring 2011. that translate to 1400 gold!!