Whats so significant about 14:15 CT?

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by maxima120, Oct 15, 2012.

  1. I cant find what can be closing at 14:15 CT which related to energy somehow.

    futures, options, spot? anything?
  2. What nobody knows?

  3. nymex electronic close is 5:15 EST
  4. the event that i am witnessing is happening every day 2 hrs before close. i dont think its related to globex close anyhow.

  5. How far back ?

    could be anomaly.....
  6. in nov contract - most of the days
  7. What event are you witnessing?

    The stock market usually dies for a while for lunch & then comes back alive from 13:30 CT until close, but I'm not sure what else is happening around that time.
  8. 1) ?......"It" appears to have happened again today, Thursday. :eek:
    2) I would guess it's something related to the cash market, the USO ETF, the "Goldman Roll", an algo deliberately "painting the tape" or a random price level is hit where there is an accumulation of stop-orders at precisely 2:15pm CST. :cool:
    2) I'll be anxiously awaiting that time tomorrow. :D
  9. ammo


    the big money trades the open and the close,830 to 10 30 they initiate and 2 15 central to 3 pm is where they adjust there risk and hedge things off
  10. thanks ammo, that makes sense. i wondered if it is something like that but didnt have any facts
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