what's so good about Trade Prospector?

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  1. They say that traders should trade(execute), not analyze and TP allows them to do that.. And then they say it's not a trading system.. Hmm... I don't understand what's the deal with this.. I don't even understand how their proposed "method" works. But apparently lots of people are happy:confused:
  2. If you do not understand it, stay away. I am not familar with Trade Prospector but who says it is so great, the company? Who are the "lots of people"?

    My vote - Save your money.
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    If you understand and utilize support/resistance, than TP has no peer.

    It is not a "system", nor a method - it's a guide. What you do with the information it provides is up to you.

    As an example, I scalp the ES. Using TP I know if I am trading into resistance., and let the trade pass. I also know when I am entering an air pocket, and will allow the trade to run longer.

    It is not for newbies, nor people who are not ready to take full and complete responsibility for tiler trade decisions. But I can't imagine life without it!
  4. Interesting.

    Flip me the website.
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    Sunnyskies who the " lots of people"?
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  7. Have been using TPRT for several months now. IMHO it is one of the "most useful" trading softwares out there (no, it does not have 286 technical indicators - that you don't use anyway). It offers some good features for the emini trader. Also for the options trader!
    Their support is very responsive - I recently recommended a feature that was implemented in the following release.
    Good stuff (but it's probably not for newbies).
    Have Fun Trading!


    I've never encountered support like they give. On numerous occasions, I have emailed them at 10-11pm and received a quick response. Their trading guide could easily be published as one of the better trading books available. They also seem to have some very interesting new features in the works. And no, I have no affiliation with them - just a very satisfied user.
  9. If I wanted to know where the S/R levels for Tuesday's IBM trading range were, would it spit out an answer?
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