what's so good about ensign?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by jay567, Mar 28, 2003.

  1. jay567


    i've never used ensign but have heard lots of good things about it. why would someone choose to use ensign with an esignal data feed when they could just use esignal's charts?

    i'm aware they have a playback feature but other than that, what's so special about ensign?
  2. amg

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    Jay-- did you check out the SW review here at ET?


    I've been considering it as it has some unique features I haven't seen elsewhere. I am, however, still using Qcharts, mostly out of sloth to learn yet another SW package. Good luck!

  3. jay567


    thx amg...

    i actually already read the reviews but i've found that the reviews on ET are sometimes out of date and users tend to share more on threads
  4. amg

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    me again. I'm not familiar w/Esignal charts. I do believe Ensign has many unique and properly implemented Fibonacci/Gann studies as well as some Larry Pesavento retrace/pattern/NN features that *no* other package has. I'm not sure those features are listed, but I've seen them in action. These may not be of use if you're not familiar with them or ready to invest study time on how to use them.

    Also, don't sell the playback feature short. Every trader gets tired and starts making errors at some point, perhaps many points (lol). The playback/simulator can be a good practice tool for times when your pocketbook is better served by not trading.

    Finally, the support *really* is as good as they say, if the newsletter & some activities I've seen elsewhere are any indication. Mind you, I've rarely needed support, even with Qcharts, which is at times quirky.

    Glad you asked as it turns out I'm quite close to at least trying the 7-day trial.
  5. corvus


    Works with IQFeed in addition to eSignal.